We are committed to proactively reducing our environmental footprint and sourcing responsibly.

In 2017 we refreshed our strategy as well as our targets and commitments. We will report on our progress against our targets at the end of FY17.

Take Action On Climate Change

  • We will reduce our carbon emissions by 30% from our FY15 levels by 2026
  • We will install 10MW solar energy generation by 2025
  • We will map water risk and impact in our supply chain, in 2018 identify water stress areas and develop a water stewardship plan in 2019

Reuse and Recycle – Adopt a Circular Economy

  • 100% of our consumer packaging will be recyclable by 2025
  • Our packaging will contain at least 50% recycled content by 2025
  • We will collaborate with industry and other stakeholders to simplify recycling information and help our consumers improve their recycling

Promote Responsible Sourcing

  • All high risk suppliers will complete supply chain risk assessments by 2020.