Protecting and preserving New Zealand’s natural heritage.

The Rarangi Wetlands Conservation Project at Wither Hills is integral to the future of these nationally significant wetlands, and helps us protect and support the land from which we produce our products.

Wither Hills is just one of many brands in Lion’s wine portfolio. Located in New Zealand’s Marlborough region, Wither Hills Rarangi vineyard sits just 600m from the coast, producing exceptional grapes with a distinctive ‘coastal’ flavour profile.

Rarangi Wetlands occupies a 50ha chunk of this beautiful vineyard, forming part of the largest freshwater wetland complex in the Wairau plans. Importantly, these wetlands have a high conservation value due to their indigenous biological diversity, which in turn poses significant ecological value to the Marlborough region.

Wither Hills viticulturalist Sam Scarrett and her dedicated colleagues have devoted many years to restoring these significant wetlands, successfully eradicating a raft of weed varieties, replanting native trees and protecting the rare flora prevalent in the wetlands.




To celebrate the ongoing success of the Wetlands Conservation Project, there is an annual planting day at Rarangi. Together with a party of community, friends and family, the team at Wither Hills select and plant their own native plants in the wetlands as a personal contribution to the Rarangi story.

Located in New Zealand’s Marlborough region, Wither Hills is an accredited winery with Sustainable Winegrowing NZ, an industry body that allows viticulturalists and wine makers to protect the environmental integrity of their wine production. Lion continues to engage business and the wider community around the importance of the Rarangi project.