By operating in a transparent and responsible way we can be a force for good; creating value for Lion, our partners and the communities we operate in.

As a business that’s been around for 177 years, we know the meaning of long term. But it’s not just about our longevity. Being a trusted and sustainable business means also ensuring the future of the environment and the communities we operate in. It’s about all of our actions as a business and as individuals being for the long term.

At Lion, we define our core purpose – our central objective – not in terms of shareholder returns, but as the value we deliver for society. Lion exists to enrich our world every day by championing sociability and helping people to live well.

It reflects an unwavering belief that enduring financial success can only be achieved by generating ongoing societal value, while treading as lightly as possible on the planet.

Lion’s revenue is mainly derived from brands created right here in Australia and New Zealand.
And because of this, we recognise that the success of our business is intertwined with the success of the local communities in which we operate. Indeed, our iconic brands are often symbolic of the regions that have nurtured them.


We deeply respect this heritage, and understand the important role our breweries, wineries, dairy and juice facilities play in every corner of our region.

So we want to understand our stakeholders’ needs and operate in partnership with them.

Ultimately, true collaboration is founded on mutual trust and understanding and that’s why we’re committed to transparency and accountability. This microsite and our annual sustainability report are steps in delivering on that promise.

Ultimately, we hope this site stimulates a conversation that helps Lion be the best it can be, for the long-term.