Educating beer drinkers about what really is – and isn’t – in their favourite tipple.

For generations, a nice cold beer has been synonymous with the Aussie way of life. And although something of a national treasure, we found that consumers didn’t understand what was in it. Through our Beer the Beautiful Truth program, we have been able to start to educate beer drinkers about what really is – and isn’t – in their favourite tipple.

Our research showed that 94% of consumers overestimated the amount of sugar in beer, and 87% were generally unsure about what went in it. So in 2015 we served up the beautiful truth about beer by launching the Beer the Beautiful Truth campaign. As part of this, we were the first Australian company to add nutrition information panels (NIPs) to bottles and cartons of our wholly-owned Australian beer portfolio. In that first year we added NIPs to 887 million bottles, and they are now standard across our portfolio. We also launched an informational website, to provide consumers with the facts about their favourite amber drop.

Over 18 months later, Aussies have started to shift their attitudes about what’s in their drink. And our research has found that almost 40% of people believe that NIPs have helped them make more informed choices when it comes to choosing alcohol.

Dr. Sam Hay, a Sydney General Practitioner and former doctor in the Australian Army, believes the campaign has been positive: “It’s encouraging to see that Australians are interested to know what’s in the alcohol they consume, which reflects a longer term trend that started with food and soft drinks.

“Of course, it is not only the sugars or the preservatives people should be aware of; alcohol should only be consumed in moderation and as part of balanced and healthy diet. Combining moderation with nutritional awareness is the key to enjoying beer, or any other alcohol, for that matter,” said Dr. Sam.


Tanya Marler, Marketing Director for Category, Innovation and Communication at Lion says: “By de-bunking some of the misconceptions around beer, it has enabled us to help create a more vibrant beer culture in Australia. We’ve only just started and there is scope to take the campaign further.”

To continue our journey of providing everybody with the beautiful truth about beer, we are now rolling out of Beer the Beautiful Truth in the New Zealand market, where NIPs will also be added to all Lion wholly-owned beers.

Excitingly, the campaign is also shifting to focus on how to pair your favourite brew with your favourite food! Partnerships with food festivals around the country will continue to enhance our message around the beautiful truth about beer.

For the facts about beer, visit: Beer the Beautiful Truth