Lion’s revenue is mainly derived from brands created right here in Australia and New
And because of this, we recognise that the success of our business is intertwined with the
success of the local communities in which we operate. Indeed, our iconic brands are often
symbolic of the regions that have nurtured them.



As one of the largest food and beverage companies in the region, we contribute
substantially to the economies of both Australia and New Zealand.
In FY16, we generated a total economic contribution to the Australian and New Zealand
economies of around $5.4 billion. Around $2.6 billion of that is our direct contribution
through employment, sourcing and other investments



The remainder reflects the indirect value our business generates upstream in the
agricultural sector, as well as downstream in the retail, tourism, hospitality and transport

This includes $348 million of value added to regional Australia, and our business activities
also support almost 3,000 full-time regional jobs.


Infographic 5


We also make a major investment in sports and the arts through our sponsorship and
marketing activities and pay well over a billion dollars in taxes to governments each year.


In FY16 we also donated $2.4 million to the charities we work with to help support the local communities we operate in.This included $225,000 each for Uplifting Australia and the Graeme Dingle Foundation, charities that help improve the lives of children across Australia and New Zealand.