Lighter packaging initiatives reap substantial savings.

The concept of lightweighting first appeared in the auto industry, where car makers strived to build lighter-weight cars in order to achieve greater fuel efficiency and handling. At Lion, we have applied the idea to our product packaging. Lighter packaging means less materials used, and moves us closer to achieving our environmental targets.

Dairy Farmers 2018 new milk image (003)

During 2017, we had great success in plastic and glass.

Lighter Glass
By reducing the weight of our Summer Bright 330l beer bottle by 10 grams, we reduced our glass packaging by an estimated 550 tonnes per year.

Less plastic
With a weight reduction of 8 grams in our 2L HDPE milk bottles (which are used across Dairy Farmers, Pura, Masters, Big, Dare and Farmers Union brands) we managed to reduce our use of HDPE plastic by an estimated 720 tonnes per year.

In 2017, we also made some strategic changes to our blow moulding packaging lines, which will see us reduce the plastic resin used for all our 3L milk bottles by 14%. By our estimation, this will reduce the polyethylene resin that we use by 44 tonnes a year.

We continue to explore lightweighting wherever possible across all Lion product packaging. While the individual product weight changes may appear nominal, on a mass scale the outcomes have been substantial and certainly worth pursuing.