Helping promote safe drinking habits.

We all like to have a good time. But having a good time often comes down to making good decisions. There are many moments in life that are acknowledged or celebrated with a drink or two – and when consumed in moderation, alcohol can be part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Cheers! is the social change initiative of the beer, wine and spirit producers in New Zealand and one that Lion is proud to support. With the by-line ‘Drink like there IS a tomorrow’ the vision of Cheers! is that New Zealand has a safe and sociable drinking culture.

The Cheers! mission statement is ‘To strengthen safe and sociable drinking behaviours through social marketing programs and partnerships’. It aims to deliver public campaigns focused on educating New Zealanders to better understand alcohol and its effects, so they can make more informed choices when having a drink.

Talking to Teens is one such campaign that has seen great success. Talking to teenagers can be fraught at the best of times, and the digital advertising campaign offered parents practical guidance on how to talk to their teens about alcohol and safe drinking. A series of videos showing teens and their parents having candid conversations about the use and misuse of alcohol enabled both generations to understand the importance – and relative ease – of opening the conversation around the safe consumption of alcohol.

In 2017, Lion’s contribution helped Cheers! build on this positive progress by launching a number of new campaigns.

Uber Sober Self Bot Partnership

The Uber Sober Self Bot is a virtual friend to New Zealand’s drinkers, and uses Facebook Messenger to send sensible reminders while they’re out – whether it’s a prompt to drink water or eat, or a reminder about plans they’ve made for the following day. Most importantly, the Uber Sober Self Bot reminds users when they have reached their own pre-determined curfew and rewards them with a discounted Uber voucher if they head home on time.

Celebrated by international market intelligence agency Mintel as highly innovative, the campaign achieved some great results:

13,019 unique users
11,201 active conversions
52% of users were 18-24 years
40% repeat usage

The power of pizza

Eating is a good idea when you’re drinking alcohol – and by teaming up with Hell Pizza, Cheers! took the opportunity to educate people with a social media campaign about responsible drinking. The two-post campaign reached 96,132 people, offering free pizzas as an incentive.

Keep your standards high

Another social media campaign, #knowyourstandards helped New Zealanders to understand the concept of standard drinks, and realise how important it is to monitor them at major celebrations like Christmas and St Patrick’s Day.



In the offline world, armies of Cheers! Water Warriors are deployed at music festivals across New Zealand to keep crowds happy and hydrated. Cheers! has also leant its support to Lion’s sponsorship of the 2016 Auckland City Limits Music Festival and recently sponsored a Water Stand at the 2017 Beervana Beer Festival.

Another much lauded campaign was Lion’s Steinlager ‘Be the artist, not the canvas’ campaign. Research showed that one in four people in New Zealand aged 21-30 are regular binge drinkers. To help combat this, we used New Zealand’s biggest beer brand to encourage young people to enjoy a drink, but not abuse it. The campaign reached 11 million people – or the population of New Zealand three times over.

Cheers! is funded by the Brewers Association, Spirits New Zealand and New Zealand Winegrowers. Lion is a member of all three Associations.