By everyone owning safety we can create a business that achieves long term results.

Keeping everyone safe everyday is a key focus at Lion. No matter where our people are based, everyone who works with us should know our basic expectations when it comes to safety. Because it’s our people that makes us great.

So to make our workplaces safer, in 2017 we introduced our Safety Essentials.  The Safety Essentials define what’s non-negotiable when it comes to safety. They are aligned to our high risk areas and focus on areas where our people have been injured.  They help our people make safe decisions, and help to keep everyone safe everyday.

Last year we launched our new safety brand – Everyone Safe Everyday.  This is the banner that brings to life the three aspects of personal wellbeing at Lion: physical health and safety, mental health and emotional health. Our recently launched Best ME program has helped to start the conversation on mental and emotional health, and now Safety Essentials helps to focus attention on physical health and safety.

Safety Essentials_small

There are six Safety Essentials and they are: Fit for Work, Identify & Manage Risk, Licensed & Trained, Machine & Equipment, Right Tools & Procedures and Vehicles & Pedestrians.

Using a mixture of online videos and face-to-face communication, the Safety Essentials were introduced in July 2017.  As our manufacturing sites contain the highest risk levels, the Safety Essentials are being introduced over a number of months via tool box sessions in team meetings. This allows team members to have quality conversations about the Safety Essentials and share stories on how the Safety Essentials can help people stay safe everyday in the workplace.

By delivering on our safety and wellbeing commitments, we will build and sustain a safety culture of care, ownership and leadership, so that we keep Everyone Safe Everyday.