At Lion, our sustainability strategy is part of our corporate strategy. It reflects our commitment to creating shared value, to sustainable practices throughout the value chain and to increasing our economic contribution to Australia and New Zealand over the long term.

Our sustainability strategy demonstrates our commitment to working to maximise the community benefits of our work, while minimising our social and environmental footprint. In short, it’s about managing Lion, ‘for the long term,’ by delivering against three overriding commitments:

Within our customer at the heart pillar sits a business-wide commitment to sustainability and trust. Through this commitment, we�ve prioritised three key areas of focus: � Champion nutrition and responsible consumption � Proactively reduce our environmental footprint and source ethically � Build strong and inclusive community relationships.

Sustainability & Trust

Be Sociable and Live Well
  • Champion nutrition

  • Encourage responsible drinking

  • Provide transparent labelling

Be Sociable and Live Well

What we eat and drink has a big impact on our health and wellbeing, and as one of the regions largest food and beverage manufacturers, we want that impact to be positive.

Were committed to championing better nutrition, encouraging responsible drinking, and providing transparent labelling all of which helps people make better, more informed choices.

We continue to support responsible drinking initiatives, improve the nutritional profile of many products, and enhance our labels with more information to help people make better choices.

Tread Lightly
  • Take action on climate change

  • Reuse & recycle - adopt a circular economy

  • Promote responsible sourcing

Tread Lightly

Our products are made in 36 production sites, predominantly across Australia and New Zealand.

We rely on thousands of suppliers to provide us with everything we need to keep our business operating from raw ingredients to packaging and services.

Were conscious of the impact this large supply chain can have on the environment, and in turn, were aware of the environmental factors that impact our suppliers.

While these are significant global challenges, we believe there are concrete ways in which we can contribute to a healthier planet.

Grow our Positive Impact
  • Support our communities

  • Support our suppliers

  • Support our people

Grow our Positive Impact

We know that a strong and enduring business can only exist with the support of our communities.

So at Lion, we invest in a range of programs aimed at building community resilience such as our Lion Dairy Pride Landcare Grants Program, and our Lion Orchard Pride Landcare Grants Program which focuses on sustainable farming practices for dairy farmers and orange growers; and our activities with Uplifting Australia and the Graeme Dingle Foundation in NZ, which build resilience and emotional wellbeing in families and young people.

We also invest in our own Lion community, working hard to create a diverse and inclusive workplace where our people can thrive.