Helping our people to live well.

Good nutrition is an essential part of helping people to live well – both at home and in the workplace.

Nutrition at Lion is an education program developed specifically for Lion employees. Interactive and engaging, it supports Our Goodness Promise by helping our people understand the benefits of good health, nutrition and responsible consumption and how it applies to our own products.

There are two elements to the program – an online module and practical workshops.

The online module serves as the foundation to the program, kicking off with the fundamentals of nutrition, explaining how to read nutrition labels, the truth behind fats, sugar and protein, and how these relate to our products.


Following on from this, a series of workshops are held at key Lion sites year round, allowing further exploration of nutrition topics and trends relevant to Lion. Online resources allow people to follow up and access the nutrition information whenever they want, from factsheets through to videos.

Importantly, Nutrition at Lion benefits our people not just through product knowledge, but through building their nutrition information that can be taken and applied to their everyday lives.