Lion is delighted to have received a trophy at the Shared Value Project’s annual Awards evening for ‘Highly Commended corporate organisation leading through shared value’. This award recognises companies that have successfully embedded shared value as part of their core business strategy.

The Shared Value Project is an organisation that drives adoption of shared value strategies among leading companies, civil society and government organisations by providing thought leadership, knowledge and networks. The purpose of the awards is to celebrate the accomplishments of organisations adopting shared value and to promote shared value in action.

Lion’s commitment to putting social issues front and centre began 17 years ago, when we made the decision to express our core purpose, not in terms of shareholder value, but in terms of societal impact. Looking back, this was a hugely significant decision that fundamentally governs how we run the business today. Our core purpose has since evolved, becoming a commitment to “champion sociability and help people to live well.”

Lion’s initiatives in the Shared Value space include our Goodness Promise – which champions natural goodness in our Dairy and Drinks products, plus our leadership in lower alcohol beer innovation in Australia and New Zealand.

Throughout our shared value journey, we have learned that every single one of our people has the power to create mutual value for Lion and the community. To foster that, we have deliberately set out to nurture a culture of shared value. A shared value culture must be practical, tangible and clearly attainable – and that means encouraging all our people to consider what they could do in their day jobs to implement shared value principles, while celebrating progress in the form of new thinking and initiatives.

It’s clear from Lion’s experience that ‘doing the right thing’ becomes a clear innovation opportunity and a ‘win-win’ for society and business.