Another way we’re making it easier for people to drink responsibly is by giving them more lower than full-strength and alcohol-free options to choose from. In 2017, we introduced drinkers to several new or re-imagined products with lower or no alcohol content.

Lindauer Sparkling Grape Juice
Created by a wine-maker, this sparkling grape juice has 50% less sugar than traditional grape juices and gives people a new way to celebrate without alcohol.

Lilli by Lindauer
A wine spritz with 4.5% ABV in a 250ml serve, Lilli is less than one standard drink per serve, and includes much less sugar and calories than cider or RTDs.

Mac’s Sparkling Sodas
Uniquely Kiwi, Mac’s Sparkling Sodas were re-launched in August 2017 with 40% less sugar than other leading soft drink brands: less than 5g/100ml.

Mac’s Love Buzz Gluten Free
With its fermented honey formulation, Love Buzz was launched as a limited edition and was one of the few gluten free options available to beer fans. The product sold out in record time, and we plan to relaunch it as a permanent line in 2018.

Good Buzz Kombucha
In 2017, Lion New Zealand acquired a 25% shareholding in Good Buzz Beverage Co, who make crafted kombucha. Brewed with less than 4% sugar, Good Buzz kombucha is BioGro certified organic, gluten free and contains probiotics and organic acids. We know that health and wellbeing is a big focus for our consumers, so we’re delighted to be able to add kombucha to our non-alcoholic portfolio.

Speights Summit Ultra Low Carb
With 70% less carbs than regular beer, and a taste profile that outperforms key competitors, Ultra has succeeded in bringing low carb beer to the masses.

James Squire Mid River
A full flavour mid-strength pale ale with Vienna and Munich malts that enrich its character, and US and German hops that deliver crisp citrus and fruit aromas.

Iron Jack
A 3.5% mid-strength lager with a refreshing low hop bitterness, and 30% less carbs than regular full or mid-strength beers.