Supplying Aussies in need access to nutritious food

Promoting good nutrition is important to us at Lion. However, for those who are disadvantaged we know it can be a challenge to eat well. Our dairy portfolio offers essential nutrients for all Australians, and our work with Foodbank means we can help provide nutritious food to people who would otherwise go without.

We are proud to support Foodbank as part of our Community Investment Program, assisting two million Australians who seek food relief each year – the most common recipients being single-parent and low-income families. Other high risk groups include people with disabilities, refugees and Indigenous Australians.

Some of the common reasons why people find themselves seeking food relief include a lack of funds to pay rent and bills, and unexpected expenses such as car repairs or medical bills.
For the last six years, Lion Dairy & Drinks has been a proud supporter of the Foodbank Milk Program which has provided more than 8 million litres of milk to vulnerable Australians experiencing food insecurity. The Foodbank Milk Program is one of the food relief organisation’s longest running programs.



In the 2016/17 financial year the Foodbank Milk Program provided 1 million litres of fresh milk. During this period, Lion donated fresh milk in Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

We also regularly donates other products including yoghurt, speciality cheese and juice to Foodbank.

In addition to these dairy and juice donations, Foodbank is also part of our corporate volunteering program. By giving their time, our people help ensure that the charities Foodbank supports are equipped to provide front line support to those in need by:

  • Ensuring struggling Australians get the food they require to put breakfast on the table or to pack their child’s school lunchbox.
  • Packing orders for rural and remote charities so an Australian farmer can make it through a tough harvest without having to seek other employment.
  • Organising miscellaneous donations so a domestic violence victim has access to hygiene essentials for the next month.


Foodbank IMG