Panhead and Hell Pizza are good mates. So, when Panhead was asked to support Hell’s RainbowYOUTH collaboration, it was a no brainer. Panhead founder, Mike Neilson, joined other well-known businesspeople and celebs to front the campaign – donning limited edition Hell RainbowYOUTH Tees to raise money for the charity.

RainbowYOUTH works to create social change in Aotearoa by providing support, information and advocacy for the youth LGBT community and their friends, whānau and wider communities. Their goal is for Aotearoa to be a place where all young people thrive, regardless of their sexuality or gender identity.

Panhead is all about being genuine and authentic and are 100% behind creating a nation where everyone can be themselves. Brewing and the beer culture is often seen as very male and ‘blocky’. Mike decided to put on a t-shirt and gather the Panhead team to support because, regardless of whether we’re blokes or not, Panhead is open minded and feels everyone should be able to be their authentic self every day.