We recognise and support all of the different types of families our diversity

We are all part of a family; whether our family of origin or the family we build with partners and loved ones. Our core purpose at Lion is to enrich our world every day by championing sociability and helping people to live well. It is the family where sociability starts and we build the strong connections that positively impact our social and emotional wellbeing. Families at Lion recognises the importance of happy and healthy families and

helping our people to be successful at work and at home.
Our diversity brings families of many different types. Families at Lion is inclusive of all families, whether heterosexual or same sex, single parents, step parents, blended families, adoptive parents and families without children.

Lion supports the needs of our people in pregnancy and family planning, transition to parenthood, returning to work, eldercare and childcare. Importantly, our policy also provides support options for anyone experiencing or at risk of experiencing family or domestic abuse.

Here is how Families at Lion has supported some of our people:

“Accessing Lion’s secondary carers leave gave me the freedom to play a significant role in my child’s birth and first few weeks of life – to me that is priceless.”


“Lion’s policies truly supported me through a time of crisis at home which was scary and complicated to navigate. My leaders were able to guide me to get help should I need it and I was able to take time off without additional pressure when I was already feeling vulnerable.”