We partner with a range of initiatives such as DrinkWise Australia to help encourage responsible drinking.

At Lion, we have an ongoing commitment to championing sociability and living well. To help achieve this we proudly partner with a range of initiatives such as DrinkWise Australia, an independent, not-for-profit organisation established to inspire a healthier and safer drinking culture. We are a proud foundation supporter and principal funder of this influential initiative, contributing more than $1 million a year towards the long-term health of generations of Aussies.

Our country has some deep-seated traditions around drinking and alcohol. But through well-executed national information and education campaigns, DrinkWise has successfully started the conversation around how to enjoy a drink, safely and responsibly.

In 2017, 10 years after Drinkwise undertook its first comprehensive study into the Australian drinking culture, Drinkwise released Australian Drinking Habits 2007 vs 2017 charting the encouraging improvements in Australia’s drinking culture:

Australian Drinking Habits 2007 vs 2017

In 2017:

63% of drinkers consumed no more than two standard drinks (up from 48% in 2007)

16% usually consumed more than five standard drinks (down from 24% in 2007)

6% drank daily (down from 9% in 2007)

Two high profile campaigns are “How to Drink Properly” and “You Won’t Miss a Moment”.

You won’t miss a moment if you DrinkWise

In Australia, we love our sport and many people enjoy a glass of their favourite tipple whilst taking in the action. This provides us with an ideal opportunity to share moderation messages in a relevant context – inspiring Lion to sponsor a range of sporting events throughout the year. Taking advantage of on-site media and the star power of the sportspeople we sponsor, we encourage people enjoying Lion beverages when watching their favourite game, to do so responsibly.

Research says that the best way to encourage sports fans to regulate their drinking is to appeal to their love of the action. The core message of DrinkWise’s events initiative reminds consumers   that by drinking responsibly, they won’t miss out – summed up in the campaign line: ‘You won’t miss a moment if you DrinkWise’.

In 2017, we helped get this message out to fans of rugby tens, cricket, racing, surfing, AFL and the NRL.

This year, a key partnership was established between Lion’s leading mid-strength beer brand, XXXX Gold, and Cricket Australia, enabling us to encourage fans to drink responsibly during the Ashes tests. We also continued to work with the Victorian Racing Club to share a similar message during the spring racing season. Here, campaign messaging was supported by activations including free water for racegoers, and a DrinkWise UberZONE which made it easier for attendees to get home safely from the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

“You Won’t Miss a Moment if you DrinkWise” is an ongoing, integrated industry-first initiative supported by an alliance of industry, media and sporting codes. Partnering with major sporting and cultural events, the campaign presents a unified moderation message aimed at encouraging sports fans, music lovers and festival-goers to drink responsibly, to ensure they don’t miss those memorable moments.

A landmark deal with the AFL kicking off in 2017 has reiterated the ongoing success of this campaign.

How to drink properly

“How to Drink Properly” is an Aussie-first social marketing campaign designed to influence the drinking habits of young adults, primarily around the issue of binge drinking. And the younger generations have said that seeing the campaigns has had a positive impact on their attitude towards drinking. Almost half have reported being more open in talking to their friends about their drinking, and many have chosen to moderate their behavior as a result.

Both initiatives have been recognised internationally for their marketing innovation and, importantly, have delivered exceptional results.