Helping people make smarter drinking decisions.

As a manufacturer of alcohol we have a responsibility to educate and inform
our people and the community about the effects of consuming alcohol. Unlike a TV, alcohol doesn’t come with an instruction manual, so we end up relying on our own experiences as well as peers and parents for guidance – which is not always positive.

Education is key in allowing consumers to make positive drinking decisions and closing the gap between the perceptions and realities of how alcohol affects our bodies and minds. That’s why we have worked with a range of local and international experts to put together Alcohol&Me – a highly interactive and informative consumer education program that provides real life tools to help people make smarter decisions about their drinking.

Initially devised as an in-house program for our New Zealand business, other organisations were soon approaching us to ask if they could also participate. We trialled external workshops with NZ Rugby in early 2014, and in 2015 we launched Alcohol&Me externally to other New Zealand businesses and the broader community.

And we’ve had great results. Internally, almost 2,000 people have completed the program. While externally, more than 12,000 people have visited the Alcohol&Me website and we’ve already trained around 250 people face-to- face in their workplaces.


We are very proud of the performance of Alcohol&Me, both internally at Lion and in the marketplace.

In 2016, we conducted a full peer review to make sure the content remains relevant and the program is the best it can be. At the end of the day, this is all about making it easier for people to make the decisions that are right for them – it is about helping people to understand what they are actually drinking and how this effects them so they can stay safe and sociable when they are enjoying a drink.

Our Australian business is now adapting the program for use as an induction tool for all employees, for now and in the future.

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