The concept of shared value underpins our whole approach to sustainability. It’s about
investing in the future – for our business and society.

Creating shared value (CSV) is a business concept first introduced in 2006 in the
Harvard Business Review and further refined in a follow-up article in 2011. The central idea behind CSV is that a company can grow and be successful, while also contributing to the growth and success of the communities it operates in.

This is not a new concept for us at Lion. We define our core purpose – our central objective – not in terms of shareholder returns, but as the value we deliver for society. Lion exists to enrich our world every day by championing sociability and helping people to live well.

It reflects an unwavering belief that enduring financial success can only be achieved by generating ongoing societal value, while treading as lightly as possible on the planet.

And our parent company, Kirin Holdings, also holds this belief. Kirin’s CSV approach attempts to achieve sustainable growth through addressing social issues, and is the strategic framework in the long-term 2021 vision.


“We will take on the challenge of inspiring new and innovative values by leveraging our group’s technological strengths, hoping to contribute to the development of the society and bring joy and happiness to our consumers.” Yoshinori Isozaki, President & CEO of Kirin Holdings

The Kirin Group, which Lion is a part of, is focusing its efforts on three key social issues: health and well-being, community engagement and the environment. By addressing these issues across the group, we hope to effect true change and realise greater shared value for all of the businesses in the Kirin Group, and for all of the communities we operate in.

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