Bringing balance to the Lion Dairy & Drinks portfolio

To live the best life possible, everyone needs to eat and drink well. Add a little physical activity and you’ve got the perfect blend! Developed in 2014, Our Goodness Promise – previously known as The Goodness Project – is a five-year program committed to helping consumers improve the health and wellbeing of their families now, and for generations to come.

We believe that our products can play an important part of a healthy, balanced diet, and we’ve set out to make sure that what we offer helps people to live better lives while still having a little fun and indulgent goodness!

Our Goodness Promise celebrates the inherent goodness of our dairy, juice and drinks product portfolio, as well as establishing targets for making them the ‘best they can be’ – from the product formulation, to transparency of labelling, to responsible pack and serving sizes, as well as consumer education about our products as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle.


We worked with experts at CSIRO and Deakin University to agree on robust nutrition criteria for assessing our portfolio. Each year, we review the nutrient criteria to ensure it is current and relevant. Our three product categories are:

Best for you
These products can be consumed every day because they have lower levels of fat, sugar, sodium and energy; the goodness of dairy or fruit; and may contain a beneficial ingredient like plant sterols.

Good for you
These products can be enjoyed every day in ‘balance’, because they contain energy, fat, sugar and sodium at levels higher than ‘best for you’ products.

Treat for you
These products can be enjoyed every day in small amounts, keeping within a balanced diet, because they have higher levels of fat, sugar or sodium.

Based on this, we have set a target that by 2019, 80% of Lions Dairy & Drinks’ portfolio will meet our ‘best’ or ‘good for you’ criteria. We will also reduce the proportion of our ‘treat’ products. In doing so, we will remove around four tonnes of sodium, 1,400 tonnes of sugar and 500 tonnes of fat from the national food supply annually (based on sales volumes).

Lion’s Targets
80% of our product portfolio will meet the ‘BEST’ and ‘GOOD FOR YOU’ criteria by 2019.


We have also committed to:

Offering choices that are ‘better for you’

  • Our first choice will be natural colours, flavours and sweeteners.
  • We will reduce added sugar and salt, as well as fat across our portfolio, and never add artificial trans-fats as an ingredient.
  • We will not use any artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, added fructose, or coffee, caffeine and other energy ingredients in our children’s products.

Making it easy for all to make good choices

  • By putting healthier products at the front of the store where they are easy to find.
  • By making sure that our nutrition and product information is easy to see and understand, and our products come in appropriate pack and serving sizes.

Making ‘Australian and New Zealand made’ our first choice

  • We will aim to deliver ‘Australian and New Zealand made’ fresh dairy products, from dairy farmers in Australia and New Zealand.
  • We will aim to source our fruit and vegetable juice from Australian growers.

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